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Figure This! Math Challenge

Week 4

Question: Why aren't manhole covers square?
Hint: Investigate different shaped covers to see if they can fall through their corresponding holes. The shapes of many objects relate directly to their uses. Tools are designed with shapes that are easy to hold, furniture is designed with shapes that are comfortable, and race cars are designed to reduce wind resistance.
Week 4 Figure This Math Challenge
Question: If you like popcorn, which one would you buy? Take two identical sheets of paper. Roll one sheet into a short cylinder and the other into a tall cylinder. Set them both on a flat surface. Does one hold more than the other?
Hint: Place the taller cylinder inside the shorter one. Fill the taller one with dry cereal, rice, or popcorn; then remove it from the shorter cylinder. Which holds more?
Figure This! Week 3 Challenge
Question: If you started counting your heartbeats at midnight on January 1, 2000, when would you count the millionth beat? What about the billionth beat?
Hint: Estimate your heart rate in beats per minute, per hour, and per day.
Figure This! Week 2 Challenge
Question: How long do you think you would have to stand in line if you hold number 300?
Hint: Estimate the amount of time it would take for one person to buy a ticket. Use this estimate to find the amount of time you will have to wait in line.
Figure This! Math Challenge 1