Baseball Sign Ups

So there is snow in the forecast, and the temps are falling to single digits, but that doesn't mean it's not time to think about the boys (and girls) of summer.  Yes, Baseball and Softball Sign up is now open at the website for the 2022 season. 

For those of you with players in the upper grades (5 thru 8), CYC has placed some urgency on us to get registrations completed very early this year, at least enough to know what teams we will be able to field - so please don't file this away for later, talk to your players and register quickly...

If you have (or thinks you have) a credit remaining from a previous cancelled season please try to use that first in your payment process (the system should prompt you to use a credit if it has one that matches the email address you are using for registration).  If a disconnect exists, or you don't find the credit, I recommend leaving your registration in the shopping cart and contacting one of the directors by phone or email and we will assist.

ALL players are required to have a CYC card to participate, and instructions to obtain are posted in the registration notes.  All coaches are also required to have a CYC card as well as complete the SAFE Environment program through the parish.  Further details for the SAFE Environment program can be obtained by contacting one of us or Brian Hartman.

If your 6th grader or higher is looking for a low maintenance summer gig, we are always recruiting for umpires.  There is some training and a test involved, and new umpires will work younger games until they get accustomed to the game.  ALL Umpires are required to complete the SAFE Environment program as well. 

COVID 19 specific procedures and rules are still being worked out and will be posted at a later date.

If there are any questions, please email Graham Filean at, Sam Yoffie at or Ben Zaegel at

Thanks, and let's play baseball.