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Wonder Workers

Where friends have fun working together while giving back to our community!
We all want to raise generous, service-minded kids who think of others before themselves, but it's not so easy. Let's face it - in between all of the spelling words, homework, sports practices, and music lessons, it can be hard to find time to squeeze in the Corporal Works of Mercy.
But never fear, Wonder Workers is here!
  • This is a hands-on approach to teaching service.
  • The goal is simple, inspire our kids to give back to the community. Come to as many of the service events as you can but do not feel obligated to be at every event.
Started in 2014, Wonder Workers is an after school group for students* who are ready to put that super catchy "Go Make a Difference" song into action. We will come together 4 times during the school year in the evening, typically in the Cafeteria or St. Clement Room, to work on various projects like:
  • Walk for the Poor: Sort toiletries and participate in the walk
  • Make Sandwiches for St. Vincent de Paul
  • Partner with other Catholic Charities on other projects
Wonder Workers is a hands-on approach to teaching service. We like to say it's more about do than donate.
Our first event will be Tuesday, September 19, at 7 p.m. in the Cafeteria. Dates for other events will be communicated once school starts.
Fee: $50 per family – Additional donations are welcomed. All funds collected are used to purchase supplies for the events, which are donated to the organizations.
To sign-up for Wonder Workers, please download the registration form and return to the school office.
*All students participating will need to have a parent or designated adult present at the event who has completed St. Clement’s volunteer requirements.
Questions? Please contact Chrissy Zaegel or Michelle Jost or email [email protected]