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 What is a Tribe? 

Tribes are groups of students from different homerooms and grade levels who meet together in a “family group” for a fun activity. An 8th grader serves as the Tribe Leader.  A teacher acts as a support and aide to the Tribe Leader.  Each tribe wears a different color Tribe shirt and they have their very own unique shield. 
Each month the Tribes gather for prayer, an activity, a service project, or a special assembly. Tribe members look forward to each monthly get together. The year ends with the favorite Tribe activity - Field Day in May.

2022-2023 Tribe Activities

The theme for 2022-2023 is CANDY!
Our first activity of the year was an all-school picnic. It was held indoors because of the weather, but our 8th grade leaders did a great job leading their tribes with cheers in the gym and then games afterwards in the classrooms.
For our October activity, we made Pumpkin Saints. Our 8th grade Tribe Leaders taught their tribe about their saint and provided special activities like coloring pages and word searches while the students took turns decorating their pumpkins.

Tribes Legacy

Tribes are a very special experience at St. Clement of Rome and have been an important part of our school community for close to thirty years.  Graduates never fail to mention how much fun they had at Tribe Activities.  Looks like Tribes are going to be around for a long time!